Sustainability is an increasingly relevant topic for all industries, and the stone processing industry is no exception.

At Luxury Rocks, we aim to commit to sustainable development, reinforcing nature’s resilience to environmental pressures and using natural resources more efficiently and responsibly.

In order to respond to this objective, we adopted several measures in the company:

Efficiency of resources and raw materials

We use innovative industrial machines that allow the organization and optimization of the company’s production process. All the machines we use have a predictive maintenance system, which promotes the most efficient use of resources and raw materials, while eliminating errors in production planning, improving time to fulfill orders, reducing waste and limits energy consumption.

water saving

As the company’s objective is to use resources more efficiently and responsibly, we use a water decantation system, a circular economy solution that aims to reuse water during the process, helping to save water by 95%.

Use of renewable energy

We are also investing in a photovoltaic solar system, a renewable, clean and ecological energy system that allows us to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted.

By adopting these practices we can reduce waste, water consumption and pollution, and thus contribute to a more sustainable future.