At first, the two subjects of the title have nothing in common, but when there is a will, the differences disappear. In a world where the business vision is to achieve the maximum profit in the shortest possible time, companies often forget their social responsibility towards their employees, families and the general population. In Angola (Africa), social responsibility often involves just giving a lift to neighbors who would otherwise have to walk miles or take a stranger to the doctor, or else we can go a step further and promote the improvement of everyone’s lives, as this was the case of Marlin Natural Stones, a reference company in the stone market, which in 2015 built Basic School No. 43 next to the factory in Chibia, in Mukuandinda, so that children have access to education while their parents work. The building was built using the best materials and granite extracted and worked by Marlin. This gesture reflects the corporate social responsibility of the company and of the entire Spatium Petra business group.

Sometimes different themes have more in common than we think. Do you know many situations like this?