When quartz really started to make it as a kitchen countertop at the turn of the millennium, nine out of ten people chose black, then came the white marble effects everyone wanted. Now we are starting to see a huge demand for black or gray in kitchens and bathrooms again. The biggest stone industries are preparing their collections to respond to this demand, whether to have them in stock or to create powerful looks. Dark stones, oxidized metal and black lacquered wood are among the materials that combine to create great dramatic contrasts in environments, as an antidote to light color palettes. In addition, as advantages, the sophisticated appearance, texture and superior quality, the durability of the material, high hardness, easy maintenance, resistance to scratches, temperature change, making this product very popular. Quartz is a mineral product composed of microcrystals that is among the 4 hardest stones found in nature, it is undoubtedly one of the most resistant materials on the planet.