The regular structure of Black Angola is distinguished by a high proportion of crystals: this is its main and most beautiful feature.

Black Angola granite is composed of medium-grain labradorite and feldspar. When light hits the surface of this stone, its crystalline reflections transform it into a material of almost perfect beauty. Despite its seemingly simple design, Black Angola offers a thousand versions and a thousand different uses. As a countertop in bathrooms and kitchens, it stands out above white and beige units. Its contrast with pastel yellows and greens, for example, is striking. As a floor, it shares the spotlight with smooth walls in a traditional style, as well as those with a transgressive edge: an intense deep blue color or a high-powered fuchsia will find the right counterpoint in the aesthetic balance provided by this wonderful granite. Black Angola Granite can be transformed into Polished, Sawed, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted and Tumbled.

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