The curb is normally used to finish off and make the edge of a sidewalk or sidewalk. They are ideal for giving a refined final touch to sidewalks, flowerbed borders and sidewalks. Granite curb is the most popular, but it can also be made in marble or travertine. In addition to the bridle resistance of granite, it has a natural beauty that is unparalleled compared to concrete or other synthetic stone materials. Granite is the stone of choice for the most demanding architects and commercials because of its natural beauty, resistance to heat, cold and weather. The granite curb can withstand daily hits from large vehicles, salt, chemicals, scraping, heavy traffic and still remain functional and beautiful. The process for making curbs is difficult and time consuming. From the extraction of the block in the quarry to the final product, the curb goes through a series of stages. Our Spatium Petra group has an advanced production line that will reduce your production and packaging time. Fully automated production line, from plate loading to palletizing.

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