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Luxuryrocks is part of the Spatium Petra business group, which includes the company Marlin Natural Stones, dedicated to the extraction of natural stone in Angola, and the European companies GanumLux and LuxuryRocks, dedicated to the transformation and enhancement of natural stone in Portugal.

Our granite, marble and quartzite collections express colour, contrast, texture, harmony and elegance. That is why we work in a special way with Granite African Black Blue in the Night, African Black Cumbrian Granite, Brown Antique Granite, White Gray Chibia Granite and White Caracula Marble: Stones created by nature, special and inspiring that manage to enhance beauty nature of the environment, giving design and personality to unique construction, restoration and decoration projects for our clients.

We transform stone into various types of products to be applied to facades, bathrooms, kitchens, floors, furniture, art pieces and other indoor and outdoor environments anywhere in the world, using Portuguese creativity and skilled labor .

We provide a set of completely personalized services from the 1st contact, namely: technical consultancy, 3D presentation, advice throughout the process, on-site installation, treatment, cleaning and after-sales service. We treat each project as unique, ensuring that the result remains true to the dream.

We invest in the expertise of our professionals and partners, in design and innovation, using the most renowned technologies in the international market and the latest generation, capable of conceiving unique pieces of extreme quality, creating absolutely stunning, modern, timeless and passionate environments.

Sustainability is a topic that we hold in high regard, which is why we adopt systems for the reuse of water resources, use of renewable energies, waste recovery and production automation and control, guaranteeing a superior quality product.